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New teeth. That's weird. So where was I?

Oh, that's right - Barcelona!

22 December
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I'm twenty-something with a BA in French, which so far has turned out to be fairly useless.
I work in college admissions, recruiting adults who want to finish their education. I come from a huge Catholic family and have a twin brother. In my family, you're either a carpenter, mechanic or in the Marine Corps (or in the case of one of my brothers, all three!). I've got a hard-working mid-west background. I love the St Louis Cardinals with all my heart, and I have a soft spot for Yadi Molina...

When I'm motivated, I love to write fanfiction, and when I actually get into the groove of it, I'm obsessive compulsive about it. I love my commas, so forgive me when I use them too much. =)
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