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An update

It's been months since I've given a good update post.  The last time I think I did was right before I went home for Christmas.  I was preparing to drive to Missourah via Florida to get the kiddos to go to gramma's house.  Also had an incredibly awful encounter with the boss about whether or not I was coming back, and oh, by the way, let me not try to talk you into staying.
JanuaryCollapse )

FebruaryCollapse )

MarchCollapse )

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So, my New Year hasn't quite been everything I hoped it would be, I guess.  And now you're caught up.  Trying to figure out what I do next, because I really gotta get out of this job/place/situation.

Lastly -- I need a favor from you all.  My niece, Allison, is going to Walter Reed tomorrow to see a pediatric oncologist.  Today her leg turned purple for about ten minutes, and she has tiny little bruises on her leg.  Her white blood cell count is around 38, and according to Brother #2, it should be around 150.  Please keep my Allie-Bear in your thoughts and prayers.  I watch too much TV not to have a million things it could be running through my head right now.


Ok, so ... my LJ is not posting videos ... everyone HAS videos, but I can't watch them.  Like shezan 's Cat/iPad video ... someone had an X-Files vid I'm missing ... and peoples icons aren't showing up!

Did I miss something monumental?


Sharing my day with you...

(Some background info:  We don't have classes on Fridays ever, but we are open for business.)

I answer the phone:

ME:  Thank you for calling (The name & locale of my school) .  This is Stephanie, how may I help you today?
CALLER:  Is school gonna be open on Friday?
ME:  We don’t have classes on Fri….ah, no.  We are closed for Good Friday.
CALLER:  So, the last day you gonna be open is Wednesday?
ME:  No, we will be open for business on Thursday.
CALLER:  Oh, okay.  Thursday, then.




A shout-out to my dear friend, janetlin  on her birthday!!

It's because I love you!

Do it for the kids!

Hi, Guys!

Okay, so every year, I ask that you consider donating (EVEN JUST ONE DOLLAR!) to the charity I help fundraise for.  It's Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Carolina.  Instead of doing the regular spiel, I'm just going to leave you a link and ask that you consider supporting an organization that helps mentor at-risk kids in our local communities.

Thanks for considering.

Hey guys!!  I've been busy reading, and I just finished the first two books in The Hunger Games Series.  Mockingjay, book 3, comes out on 24 August this year and upon finishing it, I have tons of theories I'd like to share with those who have read both books, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  This post is chock-a-lock full of spoilers, so please don't read it unless you've read both books.



Spoilers abound! Lots and lots!Collapse )

Please tell me what you think in the comments -- I'm wild to know!!

Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

I hate my job so much, but I love you!  Does not the Universe, you, whom I love, think that maybe we could do something about this job thing?  Cause ... this is getting really old.



#1:  Bones is funny.  Bones is witty and has characters I relate to.
#2:  It surprises me sometimes.
#3:  TPTB at Fox have no problems making fun of themselves.  Allow me to expand on this a bit.  Take one of the best shows of all time:  The X-Files.  (read: username) was a show running in the 90s featuring two FBI agents, one a doctor (Scully) and one an Oxford grad who "wanted to believe" and followed flying saucers around looking for his sister, whom he believed was abducted by the government.

Mulder and Scully--two v.v. attractive people, pulled towards the Truth in different ways.  Scully (Bones/Brennan) used science to reason her way through a situation.  Mulder (Booth) used his heart.  (Right here, I'd like to note that these shows in that respect are scarily similar). 

To further expand why I love this show, they both do spoof episodes.  Here, you will find a screen-shot from Bones' latest episode, "The X in the File":

This character was the owner of a diner in Roswell, NM, and ends up being important to the episode's plot.  I about fell out of my chair when I heard his voice/saw his face, because this is Langley.

Same guy in the foreground.  I just really appreciate pieces of continuity like this.  While this character couldn't be Langley from the X-Files in disguise, (and I'm not 100% on what happened to the Lone Gunmen [see photo above] because I never watched the one-season show that died featuring them) I just really really appreciate the effort on the part of the writers/directors.

Why, you might ask?  Because I miss the X-Files.  This episode was no "Jose Chung's from Outer Space" but it was funny and it had great Bones/Booth interaction at the end that to me, was reminiscent of Mulder & Scully in "The Unnatural."  And, that warms my heart, boys and girls.  

I already hearted Bones profoundly due to my scary adoration of Agent Booth, and Dr. Brennan (Bones) and her endearing anti-social tendencies, but now I love it even more.  *le sigh!*

PS:  i always meant to mention, janetlin , that one of the writers on this show is called Janet Lin.  Coincidence?

Long time, no see: A post of Twos.

So, it's been two weeks since I posted.  This has been for two reasons, mainly.
#1 -- I've been in Missouri visiting the fam.
#2 -- did  not want Doctor Who spoilers.  Neither do I want them, now.  I've kind of made it a point not watch DT's last hurrahs because I'm _still_ coming to terms with Journey's End.  I know, I'm pathetic.

I have two really good things going on right now:
#1:  I have a turkey drumstick baking in my oven.  Not only related Renaissance faires and holidays, folks.  They're for every day.
#2;  I took the GRE over Christmas and got my official scores back.   I am teh smarts.  (Literally dancing in my jammies here, people.)

I have two really big things going on in my life at the moment:
#1:  My application to graduate school (see above re: GRE)
#2:  My back-up-plan-in-case-I-don't-get-into-my-school-of choice-this-year application (which is not graduate school)

Two nice things I accomplished over the break:
#1: I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
#2: I drove 14 hours with two kids under five and no one died!

How have you guys been??


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